What Pakistan really need — a very short story

Requesting Youtubers and Historians to spend their time and bring this history in animation for the education of all. ( thumbs up! )

1857–1947 was a very nasty time. The Indian subcontinent was facing a lot of attacks from the middle east. We all know the whole desperation of middle eastern invaders since centuries past in trying to capture India.

Sometimes I wonder why Indians didn’t make the wall like a wall of china at the Indo Afgan border? They knew since the beginning of time that the middle eastern are not good neighbors. ( amusing and surprising )

Anyway, So in 1947, that Pakistan had to surrender and accept Islam because of the following:

1.. the power and desperation of attacks from the middle east were immensely greater than the power of India.

2.. Pakistan was in the middle of India and the Middle east. So the border had to be drawn on this land only.

3.. Indian religions never had any interest in invading a new land and bring those humans under its umbrella, they are totally different from Islam.

4.. If The pressure to accept Islam was at 100 then the pressure to accept Indian religions was 0 ( shunya ), as already explained in point 3.

5.. Middle east countries were spending all their money, time, and energy in expanding Islam, as the entire history knows.

Finally, under pressure, the humans on Pakistani Land had to split themselves apart from India, for the good of both.

Hence they accepted Islam.

But today Pakistan does not need Islam for everything.

We all know that Pakistan need:

1.. better education for the kids and women.

2.. better water, air, and quality life for all.

3.. better infrastructure for all human beings.

We just see the reality.